Calcbot for Apple Watch

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Even though calculator apps are becoming the “flashlight app” of the Apple Watch, it only made sense for Calcbot to be there from the beginning. What kind of calculations do most people want to perform on a watch? How simple can a calculator be and still be functional? With those questions in mind, we ended up dividing Calcbot up into three clear components: Calculator, Converter, and a Tip Calculator.


The calculator mode is very straight forward. It allows for very basic math and displays the expression view so you can always see your calculation. The operators are accessed by a force press. This is so the numeric keys have larger tap targets.


There are four default conversions and Calcbot Pro users can customize each of them from the iPhone app. Access the four conversions by force pressing on the display.

Tip Calculator.

We figured this might be the most popular use-case for calculating on a watch so we decided to add it as a dedicated mode optimized for this task.

Hint: Since the clear button clears the whole line, we made it so you can tap on the calculated result area to delete one digit at a time.

The Calcbot Apple Watch app is free for everyone (as is Calcbot for iOS) and we hope you find it to be useful. These three features will be making their way to the Today View on iOS sometime in the future.

PS. The new Tweetbot for Mac and iOS are coming along nicely and it won’t be too much longer before they are ready for release.