Pastebot for Mac Released

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It's been a journey for us, but Pastebot for Mac is finally shipping. Clipboard managers have always been a niche category with a big divide between being designed for the hardcore keyboard commanders and being overly visual and simplistic. Our goal was to build a clipboard manager that fit right in the middle of the extremes. Pastebot is the spiritual successor to PTHPasteboard Pro, Paul's old clipboard manager. Our goal was to take what was so great about that app and make it beautiful and accessible for everyone while pushing forward what a clipboard manager can do. We are really happy with how Pastebot has turned out.

Many know Pastebot originally as an iOS app that was designed primarily to move content from your desktop to iOS devices and vice versa. This was because of the limitations of iOS. Pastebot 2 for Mac is not bound by these limitations so it is far more powerful than the iOS app ever was. And with macOS Sierra's Universal Clipboard feature, you can copy from your Pastebot's history to paste on your iOS device and items you copy on iOS will be saved to Pastebot's history.

Pastebot isn't just a clipboard manager with a pretty interface. It brings powerful text filters that you can build, share, and apply as you paste. And with Sequential Paste, you can create a queue of clippings to paste one after another quickly in the order you set. Don't just copy and paste. Command copy and paste.

We are very excited about how Pastebot for Mac has turned out and already have slick new features developing in the pipeline. Whether you have used clipboard managers for a long time or have yet to try one, we highly recommend giving Pastebot a shot. We think you will love it.