Pastebot for Mac Beta

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We have been wanting to do a full blown Pastebot for Mac long before we first released it on the iPhone. Paul wrote a fantastic little utility app called PTH Pasteboard Pro on the Mac which I had always wanted to rewrite as a Tapbots app, but we were just too busy with iOS. After the release of Tweetbot 2 for Mac, it only made sense to have Todd start on Pastebot for his next big project. So we are very excited to release Pastebot for Mac…as a public beta.

Public Beta

Why release as a beta? We had great success with the initial Tweetbot for Mac beta. Not only did it allow everyone a chance to try before you buy, we were able to spend a few months to really polish the app and squash bugs that we wouldn’t have found ourselves. This is great for us as developers, and great for you as a customer.

So head on over to and give it a go. If you are curious about what Pastebot can do or are looking for help, you can head over to the help documentation which we are also working on as the app matures.

After the beta process, Pastebot will be released on the App Store as a paid app. We appreciate your comments and feedback on the app which can be emailed to [email protected].


Here are a few answers to some common questions.

Will Pastebot’s data sync across other Macs?

Sync is not available in the beta because we plan to use CloudKit and that is not available to use outside of the Mac App Store in Mac OS 10.11. There will be various sync features once for sale on the App Store and Pastebot will work harmoniously with the new clipboard sharing features in macOS Sierra.

Will Pastebot return on iOS?

We wanted to focus Pastebot on the Mac this time because most copying and pasting happens on the desktop. If Pastebot is successful and highly requested on iOS, we will strongly consider it. We’d love to do it if it makes sense for us to do.

How long will Pastebot be in Beta for?

We don’t have a specific timeframe, but we are working really hard to release it as soon as we feel it is ready. Your feedback will help us determine this.

macOS Sierra has the new Universal Clipboard feature. Why do I need Pastebot?

The Universal Clipboard allows you to paste what you copied on one device onto any of your other devices. That is all. Pastebot stores a history of all your copies and also provides metadata and previews. In addition, Pastebot has powerful filters you can create or import to modify your clippings as you paste. So macOS Sierra's Universal Clipboard only makes Pastebot a more powerful tool to use.