There are multiple ways to clear the display.

Aside from tapping on the delete key, you can swipe left on the LCD area to erase one character at a time. To clear the whole line, press and hold down on the delete key.

Change themes quickly.

2-finger swipe left or right across the LCD to cycle between all the themes.

Copy & Paste into the LCD results display.

Hold down on the LCD area to copy the result or paste a value into your calculation.

Accessing the advanced calculator on iPhone.

Rotate your device into landscape mode to enable the scientific function keys.

Drag & drop values.

You can drag and drop numeric values to and from Calcbot. You can drag numeric values from other applications and drop them into Calcbot’s LCD area. You can also press & hold on a history tape item or the LCD, then drag that value into other applications.

Quickly Enable/Disable conversion units

If you are in the conversion view and need to quickly add or remove a unit, just tap on the category icon in the left column and select “Edit Units”.

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