iCloud Sync Issues

Troubleshooting iCloud.

If you have checked these settings on all your devices and it still isn’t working, Apple is most likely having iCloud issues. You can view iCloud status from the settings of Ivory under the section “Sync Status”.

How iCloud Sync Works and Getting the Most Out of It.

iCloud Sync can feel like magic in most cases, but there are situations where it may seem like it’s not working. Having a better understanding of how it works will let you have a better sync experience overall.

Saving Your Last Read Location.

When you scroll to a specific point on your timeline, eventually a post in view will be recorded as the marker. It usually happens after the timeline sits for an indeterminant amount of time. Sometimes it can take just a few seconds, and other times up to a minute or two. This is up to iCloud and outside of our control. On iOS and iPadOS, it will generally happen fastest when you leave the app. On Mac, it just happens at indeterminant intervals as you generally keep Mac apps running and they don’t background.

Updating to Your Last Read Location.

When you open Ivory on another device and expect your last read position to sync, remember that this process can take up to a minute or 2 in some cases. So if you just switched devices a few seconds ago, give it some time. The sync process is generally pretty fast, but there are situations where it can take a long time. Before Ivory can go to your last read post, it has to fetch all the posts that haven’t been loaded on the device before that last read post. So if it’s been days between syncs or it’s a timeline with a lot of activity, you’ll have to wait for Ivory to fetch all the missing posts before it can scroll to your last read marker. If you watch the unread counter, you should see the number grow every few seconds. There’s a max number of posts the API allows a client to fetch at a time so it can continue to fetch more posts multiple times.

If you don’t let the app catch up on its own and just scroll to the top and pull-to-refresh, you cancel the sync process and will have to fetch posts manually. This is the problem a lot of users run into and assume sync just never works.

I Just Want to Get to the Most Recent Post.

Sometimes you are way too far behind in your timeline or maybe the sync process is not working at the moment. The easiest solution is to go to your Account Settings within Ivory and hit the Reset Account Cache button. This will clear your timeline load the very latest posts.

We plan on adding improvements to Ivory in the future that allow you to see the sync status better and have the option to just load your timeline from the top.

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