Why are you missing this Mastodon feature?

When Elon Musk took over Twitter, we knew Tweetbot’s days were numbered. So we decided to make Mastodon our new home as a company and build a Mastodon client, using Tweetbot as the foundation. Making Tweetbot work for Mastodon was a huge undertaking. We are now at a point where the basics of a social media client works and for 90% of Mastodon users, Ivory works great as is. But there's a lot of features specific to Mastodon that we have yet to implement. Almost everything is on our list of things to do so it's going to be an exciting few years for us as we continue to work hard to make Ivory better than ever.

Our big picture of things coming fairly soon are listed here: https://tapbots.com/ivory/#roadmap. We have a much, much bigger list going within the company that is not public. We will add things to the public roadmap as we make progress.

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