Widget Tips

Adding Widgets

To add a timeline widget, hold down on an empty area of your homescreen and tap the plus button in the top left corner of your device. You can select from various sizes and choose whether you want to display a header or not which shows what timeline is being displayed as well as what account it is from. You can add multiple widgets to your homescreen.

Configuring your Timeline Widget

Once you choose your widget style, you can press and hold down on the widget and edit it. In this menu you can select the account you want to use and then the timeline you want to display. Finally you can choose whether to display their account username or full name. The widget automatically switches from a light and dark mode depending on your system settings.

Getting the Most Out of Your Widgets

The refresh interval of widgets are controlled by the OS which is not nearly as often as in the app. So while you can select your main home timeline as a widget, it may not be that useful. The same goes for mentions. If you tend to receive a lot of mentions, choosing them as a widget won’t be a great experience. We recommend creating highly focused lists with no more than a couple accounts (depending on how often those accounts post) and using them as widgets.

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