Timeline Tips

Timeline Gestures

Tapping on a tweet in your timeline reveals all the actions you can perform on that particular tweet, but there are some useful gestures for some of the more common actions.

Swipe Left:

Swipe left on a tweet to access the tweet‘s details which includes the earlier conversation and replies.

Swipe Right

Swipe right on a tweet to reply to a tweet.

Short Swipe Right

If you slide a tweet to the right without releasing, you‘ll notice a “like” icon appears first and then a reply icon. If you release the tweet while the “like” icon is shown, it will toggle the “like” action. You can optionally change this short-swipe action to “retweets” in the settings.

Timeline Filters

Timeline filters can be thought of as saved timeline searches, but they can be more powerful than that. You can find the option next to the search bar at the top of any timeline list. This includes your main timeline, list timelines, search results, mentions, and likes.

There are default filters you can quickly select like only show media, links, retweets, or quotes in your timeline. But you can also create your own custom filters that you can save for future use.

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